This is a 5 week course and costs £60 and is designed for dogs up to 12 months who have attended our Puppy Foundation Class, or have attended other puppy classes and have a reasonable level of understanding and control.

We will continue to build on their socialisation with positive and fun experiences for dogs and owners, as well as moving on with training exercises so that your dog continues to be a confident, loyal and well behaved companion

We will continue to use only positive, force free, practical, and effective behavioural training methods.

Training exercises will follow on from the basics taught in the previous classes including:

• Socialisation – including controlled introductions to adult dogs, children and strangers

• Attention to handler – static and on the move

• Walking on a loose lead with no distractions

• Follow food – twists and turns. Through legs and around.

• Walking in and amongst other dogs and people on the lead.

• Recall - basics – throw food away then call puppy back for another treat. Move on to someone holding puppy then handler recalls

• Door manners.

• Positions -Sit – Down.

• Wait – build up to 30 secs.

An attendance certificate and Rosette will be presented to those completing the course.


Hayes Farm

Newstead, Notts

NG15 0BD

Please note that course fees are non refundable unless the course/class is cancelled by ourselves