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When I first homed Eva she had a real problem with barking and being over defensive with all other dogs. There was no chance to exercise her off the lead as she also had zero recall, and was potentially too excitable to risk exercising in public areas. She had little confidence and was really rather lost for a while.

As a direct consequence of Linda’s tried and tested techniques, her positive reinforcement and reward based methods, Eva now mixes well the majority of dogs on and off the lead.  She has impressive recall now both in company and around wildlife.  “Not perfect but pretty impressive for a lurcher”

Most importantly all of this achieved with kindness, consistent messages, and rewards. Her confidence has increased enormously since she has been spending time with Linda and her dogs once a week. She always arrives home calm and relaxed and clearly enjoys the structure and routines.

Also, we have been able to enjoy two beach holidays this summer where she has mixed with public and many strange dogs in a calm and controlled manner, this was something we previously doubted she would ever be able to do.

Thank you Linda for the calm, quite confidence you have around my dog and for sharing your knowledge and competence in your training classes.  It has made the world of difference to Eva and our family”

I have no hesitation in recommending Linda and Smart K9s.

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