Mantrailing is a sport for all dogs, regardless of age, breed or training. It’s ok if your dog doesn’t have a great recall or pulls on the lead, Mantrailing is for all! Anxious, nervous or reactive dogs are welcome too; Mantrailing can help to improve a dog’s confidence.
Mantrailing allows your dog to use it’s incredible olfactory senses (sniffing skills) and while tracking the ‘missing person’ your dog will have an intense mental workout. Sniffing can relax your dog and make them happy and content.

Every person has an individual scent, which is as unique as a human finger print and every dog has an incredible sense of smell.
Mantrailing requires team work between you and your dog and this helps to build a stronger bond between you. Mantrailing is a great way to get involved in a fun, social activity and spend quality time adventuring outdoors. The Best Game of Hide and Seek ever.

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